If you have to cancel a session, please notify me 24 hours before the scheduled date. Otherwise, I have to charge the full price of the reserved time. It is possible though to send a friend, partner, colleague instead.


The treatment is performed in comfortable clothing (e.g. cotton-made sweatpants, leggins, t-shirt, fresh socks) on a soft mat (futon) on the ground. At the beginning, we will discuss your concerns. Then you will lie comfortably on your back, your front or at the side. If a position is not comfortable for you, you can always change the position. The treatment can also include extensions and rotations if necessary. During the treatment itself we usually do not speak.


For the first session, please allow approximately 75 minutes which includes the session itself, but not less important a thorough dialogue about your health situation and some time for a short feedback.

A normal treatment session lasts 60 minutes. For children the treatment time is 30 minutes.

To achieve a sustainable effect a treatment series of 10 sessions is recommended at intervals of 1 - 2 weeks.


My hourly rate for shiatsu is EUR 60.

Individual lessons for pupils, students and students of a Shiatsu school are reduced with EUR 50.

home visits

I offer mobile Shiatsu on the mat at your place, outside normal studio opening hours on Wednesdays (morning) and Saturdays. Please contact for more information and book an appointment.

Price per hour and person

  • for 3 persons EUR 80

  • for 2 persons EUR 95

  • for 1 person EUR 130

Health insurance

The costs of a Shiatsu treatment are not covered by the national health insurance. However, some supplementary health insurances cover the cost of a Shiatsu treatment. If you have an additional insurance for complementary medicine, the costs are taken over by 70 - 85%. You do not need a medical certificate.

If you are insured with the Austrian SVA, there are additional forms of reimbursement. Find out more about the SVA Gesundheitshunderter on the SVA homepage.