It is only with the heart that one can see rightly.
What is essential is invisible to the eye.
— Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Le petit prince

Despite the love for my Carinthian home down south of Austria between mountains and lakes, I've been living in Vienna now for 15 years. I finished business administration at the Vienna University of Economics and Business, but continued to believe in my basic idea of a nature-related and sustainable lifestyle. Since 2008 I have been working at the Austrian Federal Environment Agency in various climate protection projects.

After completing a 3-year apprenticeship, I graduated as a Shiatsu practitioner with the foundation of a small business in 2017. Before deciding to train Shiatsu, I thought healing massage was my vocation. But by accident I came to a Shiatsu therapist because of my recurring migraine and was fascinated how much it helped me.

Up to the diploma examination we completed about 300 practical lessons with family members, friends or colleagues. In Shiatsu training, we learned about the Tao teachings of the Far East, the origin of all things, the principles of Yin and Yang, the 5 phases of transformation of TCM, the meridian system and how we work with it in Shiatsu. Nutrition according to TCM was also part of the curriculum. Of course, it was often exhausting to give shiatsu in the evenings after the office job. However, the immediate positive feedback from the Shiatsu recipients gave me courage and strength to keep going.

I am currently working as a shiatsu practitioner in a joint practice in the 9th district in Vienna. To enlarge the service of pure bodywork I try to give my customers meaningful supplements from other disciplines. Stretching exercises for self-care, nutritional tips or kinesiological taping have proven particularly useful here. I want to convey the possibilities for self-therapy, since Shiatsu is primarily about health care.

A healing touch is not taken for granted today. Therefore, it is also about building trust in order to allow the physical contact. Only then Shiatsu can achieve its full effect and "restore" the body. Shiatsu does not take anything away, nor does it add anything. It just tries to balance the body and remember it as it was in the beginning.

What my clients like about me is my uncomplicated nature, a cheerful charisma, warm hands, a "good" pressure during practicing shiatsu and the mindfulness with which I get in contact with people.

Shiatsu has absolutely enriched my life and if I had to decide again, it would be it!