Shiatsu live:flow

60Min / EUR 60


Through gentle, deep-acting pressure of the meridians with thumbs, hands, elbows or knees, the energy flow and self-healing powers are activated and physical and emotional blockages are released.
When is Shiatsu used?

60 minutes (incl. consult and feedback)


shiatsu pass

5 shiatsu sessions á 6omin / 280€

You save 20€! Available at your first shiatsu session.


shiatsu live:go

30MIN / EUR 35

In the neck and shoulder "intensive" program, Shiatsu helps with strong tension in the neck and shoulder area and releases blockages by using thumb pressure and elbows while the client is sitting on a chair or in addition lying on the mat.


shiatsu pass

10 shiatsu sessions á 60min / 540€

You save 60€! Available at your first shiatsu session.


shiatsu & cupping massage

90MIN / EUR 90

By means of cupping vessels, the connective tissue is activated by hypotension and as a consequence is better supplied with blood. The therapy has a soothing effect and is suitable for blockages on the back and around the shoulders.

45 minutes incl. a litte resting afterwards (is recommended)


shiatsu vouchers

at a nominal value of 60€

Looking for a suitable gift for your loved ones or friends? Why not give away a voucher for a relaxing shiatsu session!

Available in the studio or also via Mail (Post), just write a short message to


gua sha

10-15MIN / shiatsu essentials

Moxibustion is a warming TCM application
for cold conditions (e.g., rheumatism, diarrhea, tension, depression). The glow of mugwort or a glowing moxa cigar stimulates warmth on the acupuncture points and strengthens the self-healing powers. With the Moxa cigars there is NO direct application on the skin! In the mugwort variety, the moxa cone is placed on a thick slice of ginger on the skin and immediately removed as soon as the spot gets hot.


Gua Sha is a folk medicine TCM application.
With this "scraping method" the skin is being stimulated along the meridians by jade, horn or porcelain. This leads to a strong circulation and lpurged through the skin.


kinesio taping live:active

15min / EUR 5-15

Kinesiological taping in combination with the knowledge of the meridians is a useful supplement to Shiatsu and can significantly prolong the effect. It supports the body’s own healing processes without any side effects. There are various taping techniques (like muscle, ligament, fascia and lymphatic taping) dependent on the actual

I am using Elyth Kinesio tapes, because they are made of 100% cotton without acrylic based glue and thus also suitable for sensitive skin. The tapes are breathable and quick-drying. ELYTH Tape Kinesiology is for example also used by the therapists of the German national football team.

The price is a results of the time spent and the material costs and ranges between 5€ and 20€.